Monday, July 16, 2007

On a mission

I have one major goal this week - find a decent bagel in Madrid. I woke up yesterday with a tremendous craving for a bagel. It was quite possibly the result of a minor hangover but whatever the cause the slumbering bagel beast inside me has stirred and cannot be satiated. So, I'm going in search of that scrumptious circle of bread. I have done my internet searches and have some clue of where to look. I already know where not to look. When I first arrived I was excited to see that one of the fastfood chains advertised bagels, but a small, round loaf of bread with a hole in the middle does not necessarily mean a bagel. Despite that, my expectations are not set too high. I have resigned myself to not being able to find a perfectly baked asiago cheese bagel slathered with sundried tomato cream cheese. But a nice sesame bagel, chewy on the outside and soft on the inside, will do. I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

Interestingly enough, in the eternal Madrid-Barcelona competition, the internet revealed that our Catalan neighbors might have the advantage. I found the link to a place called The Bagel Shop that almost makes me book a trip to Barcelona right now.


JustMe said...

Good luck,my dear!

Cau said...

Let me know how the search goes. If no such luck, you can place an order with me and I will bring them from Panera in November! :)

nuria said...

if you find one let me know, I also have been searching for a while..Love your blog!

kate said...

hi amy!
you dont know me, but i found your blog via and as a fellow bagel-lover in madrid, this post caught my eye. have you tried hespen y suarez? i think there are three or four in the city now (one on principe de vergara, another on the corner of barcelo and mejia lequerica, definitely). they don't have anything too exotic, and i've seen them run out of cream cheese more than once, but i've liked their bagels a lot more than the vips variety.


Amy said...

Cindy - I might take you up on that! But I don't know how well they travel. :)

Nuria - I'll keep you posted. Thanks!

Kate - Hespen & Suarez is definitely on my list! Hopefully they don't run out of cream cheese when I go!!!