Thursday, July 19, 2007


Spanish men, along with their Italian counterparts are famous the world over - or atleast in the States - for being, um... very outwardly flirtacious. It's something that you just get used to - especially if you're blond. But things took a surprising turn as I've been going to some job interviews (yay!) this week and last. As I've walked the streets in suits and heels, the catcalls have definitely multiplied. I mean, it's one thing to make a comment to a foreign-looking young lady in sandals and a sundress, but I was sure that they would decrease or even stop in the face of a professional, modern woman. I was wrong. Why is that?


Mark said...

I've really never understood "catcalls." I mean has it ever, on this face of this earth, or on any other worked?

...The attractive young woman thinks to herself... "oh he is just the man of my dreams I have always been waiting for. I hope he talks to me like that forever..."

Amy said...

Ha! Agreed! I've always thought that, too, especially with the guys who call out from their cars. Do they expect the girl to call out to them to stop so she can climb in?