Tuesday, June 5, 2007


When you buy a newspaper here in Spain, you are not just buying information, you are also buying a certain poitical viewpoint. In general, in the States the papers don't have such political connections. And there's rarely such diversity of choice. In St. Louis you buy the Post Dispatch. In Broward County, South Florida it's the Sun-Sentinel. But in Spain that's not the case. On Sunday Nacho came home from buying the newspaper and noted that he must be the only one in the neighborhood who buys El Pais, which carries a notably left-wing slant. And he got a few looks from the elderly gentlemen around him.

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Katie said...

this is so true. at home newspapers are a lot more balanced (at least in theory). the new york times, which slants left, has conservative columnists, etc etc. friends say they've heard of people getting beat up in [conservative majority] madrid for carrying "el país." nevertheless, it's amazing to me that el mundo and el país can completely contradict each other daily on the same topics.