Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where's Walgreen's?

I've been in Madrid a little more than 3 weeks now. And today I realized what I miss the most about the States. Now, I'm talking selfish, trivial things that I miss - not like family and friends. I've been struggling over the past couple weeks to find the exact spices that I need for my old stand-by recipes from home. Ground ginger, dried cliantro, and ground ginger are proving particularly difficult to find. And I miss having a tennis court in my backyard, as we did in our Florida condo. But what I miss the most is... Walgreen's.

Or CVS for that matter. I just miss the American "drug store" that isn't really a drug store anymore. Walgreen's is like a little tiny, more expensive Wal-Mart where I could LITERALLY spend an hour roaming the aisles. Make-up, books, greeting cards, candy, pool toys, medicine, picture frames, passport pictures, hair accesories, perfume, magazines, cleaning supplies. Walgreen's has it all. You go in for one thing and come out with 10. And I miss that.

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