Thursday, June 7, 2007

Crock of...

Most of my friends laughed at me when I told them I was bringing my Crock Pot with me to Madrid. Heck. Most of them laughed at me for using it back in the States. But that's just because they didn't realize what a godsend it can be. In order for the magical cooker to work here I had to buy an electrical converter while back in the States. Having been unable to determine the exact wattage of my Crock Pot I bought the biggest converter available at a reasonable price. When it arrived at the office I was shocked by the size and weight of the monster. 700 watts and probably 10 pounds. It alone put my suitcase overweight (see My Hero, the Porter" entry) but if tonight's dinner comes out nicely it will be well worth it. I'm attempting to cook in the Crock Pot for the first time since arriving. Coconut Curry Chicken. Keep your fingers crossed that we don't end up calling Telepizza!

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