Thursday, November 26, 2009


Missing Thanksgiving this year. Last year my mom’s side of the family was all together in Mexico. Two years ago I wasn’t working and got to host a big Thanksgiving dinner with the Spanish side of my family. This year… I’m working. My closest work friends are all in a training course for the day. I had TV-dinner lentils for lunch. It’s sad. But that’s what I have to deal with for being across the pond.

All in all it would really be shortsighted of me to complain. I have lots of things to be thankful for, including:
  • Both hubby and I have good, solid jobs (no small feat these days). Knock wood.
  • My sister and brother-in-law live “close” and we got to see them a couple weeks ago and will again over the Christmas holidays.
  • The internet. It’s true. Being an immigrant must have been infinitely more difficult even just 15 years ago.
  • In true Spanish fashion I have a 4-day weekend next weekend. It’s my Thanksgiving make-up stint and may even involve a turkey…
  • Thanksgiving is a Thursday so at least the weekend is always just around the corner.
Above all, this particular Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful that we have two very good friends visiting this week. So thank goodness for air travel and adventurous spirits. And thank goodness for Thanksgiving because without it and its 2 days off work we might not have gotten to enjoy their company. Even if we don’t get turkey tonight, we’ll still have tapas, drinks, laughs, and good times. And that’s enough for me.


JustMe said...

Why do you have a long weekend next week? Again:)

Ashley said...

Yes, and we are thankful that we have great friends to visit in Madrid! WE had our own kind of Thanksgiving fun. : ) As long as you are with a type of family and appreciate the time together, that's what matters most!