Monday, November 26, 2007


Per my mom's request, here are also before and after pictures of our turkey, Paco el Pavo.


Amy said...

hi there. i know you don't know me but i wanted to leave a note and say hi. my name is also Amy, I am from St. Louis, and I married a Spaniard :)
Mine is from Cordoba. I've been trying to talk him into living in Spain but for now we're state-side. anyway, just thought I'd say hello.

happy holidays

Ashley said...

Nacho sure knows how to work a turkey, doesn't he?!?! NNNNAAAAACCCCCHHHHHOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

Me ha entrado hambre, creo que voy a cenar algo.

Saludos para los dos.

Amy said...

Amy, what a crazy coincidince!!! Where in St. Louis are you from? I'm from Chesterfield. Let me know if you manage to convince your Cordobes to move this way. Felices Fiestas!!