Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baby Steps

Sometimes when we’re out somewhere people watching Nacho will say, “That girl looks American.” I always wonder how he can say that when, to me at least, everyone we pass on the street could be American. Spain still has a long way to go before it reaches such diversity, but it’s definitely on its way. I was intrigued by the diversity shown in this ad posted in the Metro the other day. I think it’s safe to say that 10 or even 5 years ago the little kids would all have looked a bit more similar. It is interesting, though, that there are no dark-skinned children in the ad. But like we learned from What About Bob – it’s all about baby steps.


JustMe said...

Explain "All About Bob," please:)

Amy said...

Oh, Mom, surely you've seen it. It's a movie with Bill Murray, playing a psychiatric patient, and Richard Dreyfuss, playing his doctor. The doc's solution to everything is to take it all in baby steps - "baby steps to get on the elevator," "baby steps to four o-clock." I'll make it link to wikipedia from the blog post. It's a good thing I keep you young. :)

JustMe said...

Oh yeah. I do remember that:)
and it IS a good thing you keep me young or I'd be using a walker by now.
I think I call that process "How to eat an elephant."

Elena said...

(Hi, just passing by, native Spaniard)

Those kids are the Familia Telerín. Many years ago, when TV was on black and white and there where only two channels, they would appear on a short cartoon film every evening to tell the kids it was time to go to bed.

See it here:

Amy said...

Thanks, Elena, that's so interesting. I had no idea. I guess maybe it wasn't a sign of increasing diversity after all.