Monday, June 1, 2009

Bald and funny

Last week one of my coworkers was kind enough to give me a ride home from the office. As we made our way through Madrid’s late afternoon rush hour we somehow started chatting about stereotypes – particularly those stereotypes associated with the people of a different country. You know the kind I’m talking about… everyone from (insert country) carries a gun, goes to bull fights, is a drunk, wishes s/he were American, is rude, etc… But my friend threw me for a loop when he said,

“I know not all Americans are fat, burger-eaters. Just like not all Spaniards are bald joke-tellers.”

Huh? Am I missing something? I’ve lived in Spain off and on for going on 5 years and never once would I have thought to describe the typical Spanish in such a fashion… Am I alone on this? Is this really the image the people outside of Spain have of the Iberian men?


Katie said...

that's a new one for me. short and dark was more my line of thinking ...

steph said...

not at all. i'm based in manila, and my first and only (so far) visit to madrid this past summer (summer here is april-may) has convinced me that the 'bald' bit is waaaay off. quite the contrary, in fact... ; )

(¡hola! btw : ) saw some of your old posts on, which led me here.) : )