Thursday, May 28, 2009

No cheese today

Seems that Virginia has caught on to what the Spanish have known for years - no smiling in the official ID pictures. I first came across this phenomenon 5 years ago when Nacho and I went to get his picture taken for is green card application. I had to yell at him to get him to smile.

"They aren't going to want to give you a green card if you look mad!"

But it turns out that in Spain the norm is not trying to look cute, but rather trying to look as bored as possible. Just what Virginia is looking for, too, it turns out. However, as best I can tell smiling for the ID pictures is not yet prohibited here. I, for one, am smiling on my national ID card.


JustMe said...

Last time your dad and I went to get our passports renewed, the photographer said we could not smile. Part of that excellent US security:)

Amy said...

Really? Wow. Well I am smiling on my new passport. But I sent in the picture so I guess they didn't have much of a choice. I wonder when that guideline will show up on the online instructions...