Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lists in progress

Ways in which I will probably never be Spanish (although there is always the possibility… check back in 20 years):
  1. I go through butter-substitute faster than olive oil.
  2. I cannot drink alcohol at lunch and go back to work.
  3. I wear sneakers to work and then change into heels. I cannot suffer for beauty.
  4. If I cook a protein and a vegetable, they go on the same plate. Not on two different ones to be eaten as a 1st and 2nd course.
  5. I tip.
  6. I do not understand the obsession with non-soccer-playing Spanish athletes on the international stage.
  7. I don’t care about Paquirrín.
  8. I don’t wrap my luggage in industrial-strength plastic wrap.

Ways in which I am already Spanish:

  1. I push. On the sidewalk, in the metro, on the stairs. (Apparently I am also 80.)
  2. I have 5 kinds of dried beans in my kitchen.
  3. I eat fruit for dessert.
  4. My 2nd favorite dish in the entire world is fabada.
  5. I say hello and goodbye to perfect strangers - in stores, on the elevator, in the doctor’s office waiting room.


JustMe said...

I love this. So glad I checked for an update.

JustMe said...

What is your first favorite dish in the world?