Friday, February 27, 2009

Jeans on Friday like Fish on Friday?

From a strictly-controlled, highly-scientific, government-sponsored survey this morning…

Approximately 80% of pre-7am subway riders wear jeans.

Is this because it’s Friday? Because a lot of trade workers work early hours? Because it’s Lent and being such good Catholics they’ve given up dress pants? A fluke?

Okay, so this wasn’t really a valid study, just an observation of mine. Surprised? But the 80% is true. I counted. And I’m going to do another random sampling next week some time. To rule out the 1st one anyway…

I have on jeans today, too. So do most of my coworkers. Not trade workers. Good Catholics??

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JustMe said...

I'm pretty sure it's because they've given up dress pants on Fridays for Lent:)
Here we're celebrating our basketball team's moving up in the conference tournament. They announced today was Dress Up Friday. The English Department decided on shabby chic and we're going with jeans and PEARLS.