Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Absentee Voting

Last night around 9pm the doorbell rang. The postman. (Yes, the mailman comes "late" at night here.) Nahco will be gone this Sunday to the States for a training course and he requested an absentee ballot for the elections. They come by certified mail and have to be returned the same way. Basically you vote by choosing which political party you want and putting that "slip" in the envelope (or the box at the actualy voting booth). So the absentee ballot packet came with 37 (yes 37!!) slips for the various parties. In reality, there are just two with a real hope of winning, but the others are still there for your voting pleasure.

I was floored by the sheer number of options, including these:
  • The anti-bull fighting party against the mistreatement of animals (look for the symbol of the bleeding bull...)
  • The Non-Smoking Party
  • The Carlists
  • Two Falange parties (one, apparently, is the "authentic" one)

Interestingly, the top slip on the pile was the PP. The PSOE was burried deep within the set. Any idea why?


JustMe said...

Do you get to keep the slips of paper you don't "vote"?

Amy said...

I'm not sure if you do when you vote in person. Nacho gets to keep the "extras" that came in the mail to him. Want them? :)

Amy said...
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Tom said...

Yeah, there are some pretty weird parties out there. I have a list of the political parties of Spain on my blog here: http://www.thebadrash.com/2007/05/13/the-political-parties-of-spain/

- amazingly, the UK has even more.