Thursday, September 20, 2007

Aubergines in Autumn

As an American I tend(ed) to make my grocery list without thought to the seasons, as I was confident that whatever I needed would be easily found at the store. That's not quite the case here in Spain. Over the summer my list included broccoli and I was shocked to not find it in the stores. Produce here is limited by the seasons, and while I at first found this annoying I have learned to appreciate the freshness of what IS available. And I have even learned to take inspiration from the supermarket. Earlier this week I was in the store grabbing a bag of carrots (which ARE available year-round) when I spotted some aubergines (right, Mom?). I'd never cooked eggplants before but I decided to give it a try - the autumn flavors were calling to me. And I was not disappointed by the results. From now on I think I'll just put "veggies" on the list and see what catches my eye.


JustMe said...

Aubergines is right. You made/make me smile.
Veggies are always good ... the fresher the better.
love you

JustMe said...

That should be "aubergines" IS right as in, the word "aubergines" is way better than eggplant, but certainly not that we would ever use a singular verb (is) with plural "-gines."